How to Generate More Sales With Your Website


One of the most important aspects of selling products on the Internet is having a website that looks professional. If you think about all the websites that people frequent on a continual basis, they are typically designed by professionals that understand how to create engaging websites. Whenever a person arrives on a website that appears to have been created by someone inexperienced, they are usually only there for a few seconds before clicking away. If you are trying to increase your revenues this year, instead of focusing on generating more traffic, you might want to consider improving the appearance of your website to convey more trust to potential buyers. Here are some simple web design tips you can use to improve your website.

professional website

Less is More

You’ve probably seen websites that are cluttered with banner advertisements, a multitude of articles haphazardly spread throughout the main page, as well as pop-ups that continually appear. This is an example of the type of website design that you should never use if you truly want to improve your sales. Just as entering into a cluttered room, or a real-world store that is in complete and utter disarray, your website needs to convey professionalism which means it needs to be clean and free from clutter:

  • Place your logo at the top left
  • The banner for your website should be neatly centered at the top
  • Articles or links to various sections of your website should be placed within the right-hand column
  • Have a maximum of only one banner ad per page, and place it above the fold
  • If you have a pop-up, use a 5 to 7 second delay to allow people to briefly examine the page


Your banner should also be positioned adjacent to your text as either a banner advertisement on the left, or a small banner ad just before your text content begins. All of these factors working together will create a professional appearance and feel for your website which will motivate people to stay.

checking other websitesCheck Out Other Sites for Inspiration

If you are not sure if your web design is properly configured, you might want to search for similar websites online and compare your web design with theirs. Most of the time you can tell if a website is properly designed by how it feels the moment you arrive. If there are components of a different website that seem to flow better than what you have set up on yours, you might want to incorporate similar aspects into your own design so that visitors to your website will also have the same positive experience.

Cater to the Visual Hierarchy

There are certain patterns that our eyes follow when we arrived at a website. This could be due to conditioning over the years in regard to how websites have continually evolved. People will usually look from top to bottom, and then from left to right. If you have ads that you would like people to click on, they should be placed above the fold on the top left hand side of your site. Your articles should be directly below as this is where their eyes will end up. If your objective is to get people to navigate through your site, the right-hand side has been proven to be the best location for links.

readable fontUse Readable Text Fonts

The final part of this equation is making sure that the text that you are using on your website is easy-to-read. Some of the most popular are Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana, all of which are very easy-to-read. The font size should be between 10 and 12 in size which makes it very readable for most people unless they have poor eyesight. The color of the text needs to be black on a white background so that it is very easy-to-read, something that we have all been conditioned to see as a result of how books and newspapers are printed.

By using these simple web design tips, you will be able to create a much more pleasing website that people will want to stay on and navigate through. You will also be able to make more sales, generate more clicks, and motivate people to navigate through your site by placing your links in the right locations.